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Here's how you could appear on Phat Trax Live television program.


1. You must be an unsigned artist (No Record Label Contract)

2. You must own or have legal rights to perform all submitted material. 

3. You must have music that is ready for release or already available on the public domain.  

4. You must first submit an online application along with your bio, music , photo and the appropriate fee.

Read all information before you...

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About Phat Trax LIVE™ This is Phat Trax LIVE™ Produced by Sho Yo Stuff™ Productions a much-innovated service company created by Napoleon S Brewer Sr.  until now, there was no made for TV program which would showcase indie and unsigned artist.  This program will be respectfully similar to American Bandstand and Soul Train but will take a very bold and unique approach of showcasing very talented yet unknown, indie and unsigned artists.


Phat Trax LIVE™ will provide a platform for many elite artists that may otherwise go undiscovered or never make it to the mainstream of the music industry. Phat Trax LIVE™ will showcase and promote these artists clear across the spectrum. This will enable them to gain mass exposure while allowing them to grow a fan base on a national scale, increase their chances of becoming a household name and a product in demand.  


Our goal is to afford the opportunity for indie and unsigned artists to leave the garage, travel and perform on the music industry’s world stage for all to see and enjoy.  We have an open-door policy in terms of record label executives, music attorneys, managers and other industry professionals to gain access to these very talented but unknown artists.  We also provide an easy way for fans to support and get involved with the artist’s career growth. Fans can make purchases of artists' CDs and other products via online store outlets. 

Phat Trax Live™ will be produced and broadcasted in 100% digital quality and aired on many television networks across the US. The show will be aired in ½ hour showings in most markets and in Close Captions where available.  We are eager and honored to work with the best talent available. The audition process is fairly easy. We conveniently offer online registration and material submission.  


Sho Yo Stuff Productions


This program is designed to provide a platform for the Indie and Unsigned Artists.  By supporting this program this will enable the artist to receive the exposure most of them so richly deserve.  Unlike similar TV shows, participants will not have to sign a contract or grant any other rights to their copyrighted material and personal likeness.  Their future royalties and business endeavors deriving from this program will not be contingent upon contract release from the producers of this program. For sign up and more information please visit Phat Trax LIVE™ web site or simply click here Artists can register securely online.  In a combined effort, we all can achieve greatness, your participation is welcome here. Phat Trax Live™ provides lots of music, entertainment interviews, and music videos from world-renowned artists. Except where it is permitted all music performed on this show be it by artist or by stereo during and throughout the show's regularly scheduled broadcast including any re-broadcast episode is published, registered, and licensed in accordance with a standing agreement between Platinum Hits Entertainment and our subsidiary Sho Yo Stuff Productions for Phat Trax Live in particular and appropriate fees are paid to the designated music performing rights organization in which the published music is affiliated.    

Where should we look for Phat Trax Live?


Projected Cities where Phat Trax LIVE™ will be airing its first season: Atlanta, Austin, Baton Rouge, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Dallas, Denver, Detroit,  Houston, Indianapolis, San Antonio, Shreveport, Jackson, Kansas City, Lake Charles, Little Rock, Los Angeles, Madison, Memphis, Miami, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, New York, Oakland, Orlando, Oklahoma, Philadelphia, Pittsburg,  San Francisco,  Seattle, St Louis, Tacoma, Tallahassee and more to be announced.