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Hello America,  You've come to the right place for a great sponsorship opportunity, increase brand awareness and a great ROI potential! This proposal is ready for download simply enter and submit your information in the required field below to download and review it. 


In the proposal we'd like to show what, when, where and how we've strategically planned to get the attention of a very select audience across 42 markets.  We would love to bring your brand along.

As you already have an online presence with purchase of products and shipping capabilities enabled, there are no limits to your reach. 


What ?  4 month Ad campaign 

Where? 6 to 8  markets per campaign run.

When?  Now and going forward

How? TV Radio Digital Billboard Ads Social Media e blast etc.


Goal?  to successfully solicit, select and secure musical and vocal talent for a showcase appearance on Phat Trax Live Television's Premier Showcase for Indie and Unsigned Artist Please see the attached proposal for detail and how to take part in Phase 1 of the campaign. Phase 2 Campaign will be promotional trailers run for a 4 months to heighten brand awareness and the anticipation of the show's Red Carpet Premiere Event leading to its TV Streaming debut  Phase 3 weekly promotion leading up to the broadcast times, air-dates and stations.


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, we'll be excited to work with you.


Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia 

Sho Yo Stuff Productions is the producers of Phat Trax Live filmed entirely in Studio with a live audience. Sho Yo Stuff Productions is a company owned and operated by Platinum Hits Entertainment Inc

Casting and Showcase Opportunities questions or concerns

Please call 404 795-5045 for assistance.

404 795-5045